How does a lactation consultation work?

Lactation consultations are a comprehensive evaluation of your breastfeeding situation. I will assess all the aspects of your journey and provide you with a customized care plan for you and baby going forward.

Sometimes it simply doesn't work to meet in person - due to distance, weather, or health concerns. Virtual consultations can be just as effective in assessing breastfeeding. I recommend that you have a partner or support person present during your consultation so they can hold the phone/camera!

Virtal visits typically last about 1.5 hours for the initial visit and about 1 hour for follow-up visits. During this time, we take a full history and assess a feeding and/or pumping sessions. We will work together to develop a plan for feeding your baby and meet YOUR breastfeeding goals.

Prior to your scheduled appointment, I will send you an email with intake and consent forms to complete, so I have an understanding of your goals and questions prior to meeting. This also allows us to get right to the evaluation, without focusing on paperwork.

Following your appointment, I will continue to follow-up with you by phone, text, and email to evaluate how well your care plan is working and make additional suggestions.


Initial Lactation Consultation - $75

For new clients

Exclusive Pumping Consultation - $75

For clients wishing to discuss exclusive pumping (my specialty!)

No feeding assessment will be done

Prenatal Lactation Consultation - $75

A prenatal visit to discuss your lactation related concerns before baby arrives. Ideal for anyone with a history of

lactation challenges or those looking for a personalized breastfeeding education session.

Follow-Up Appointment - $50

For existing clients only

Things can change quickly in the first few weeks of breastfeeding! This session will help to address any new challenges you may be facing.

Initial Lactation Consultation for Multiples - $75

For new clients with more than one baby

Back to Work Pumping Consultation - $75

For clients who are heading back to work/school and have questions about pumping and your rights

Different than flange fitting appointment

Mini Consults - $35

For clients who need to address a specific lactation question, but do not need a full feeding assessment

Up to 30 minutes to discuss topics such as weaning, clogged ducts, increasing supply, and many more!

Payment Information:

PayPal or Venmo are accepted

I do provide a bill that may be submitted to your insurance or HSA/FSA for reimbursement. Please check with your provider to see if these services are covered.

Gift certificates available! Email, call, or text for more details