What is flange fitting?

Most parents who breastfeed plan to pump at some point for either convenience or out of necessity. A lot of women just accept that pumping is uncomfortable, but it shouldn't be! The size flange you use can make a BIG difference in your comfort and even how effective your pumping session is.

There is a lot of information out there on how to "size" your nipples to find correct fit. While using a ruler or coin to find the right size is an good place to start, trying out different flange sizes will tell you how your breasts and nipples will respond. Every body is built differently!

What to Expect:

Appointments typically last 20-30 minutes

We will use your pump and I will bring several different flanges sizes to try!

If you do not have a pump, please let me know and I will bring along a few pumps to try out

We will try multiple flange sizes to determine which is most comfortable and effective for you

This appointment is different than an exclusive pumping or back to work pumping consultation - but flange fitting can be added to that type of consultation

Cost - $35

A note about my service area:

Prices include travel up to a 30 mile radius from Clinton, MN.

At this time, flange fitting is not available to in-home appointments outside of this radius, unless added to another lactation consultation appointment.

If you are wanting to meet in person, cannot meet in your home, or do not live in my immediate service area, check out my up-coming mini clinic.

Payment Information:

Cash, check, PayPal, or Venmo are accepted

Gift certificates available! Email, call, or text for more details