Infant/Early Childhood Mental Health

How do parents and caregivers promote optimal well-being for their babies and toddlers? Can babies suffer from mental health disorders? Is this behavior normal or the sign of something wrong? These are all questions that parents and other caregivers ask when caring for young children. The field of infant and early childhood mental health is an ever expanding field with tons of good research into how children grow and thrive. Trainings in this series will look at ways to promote mental well-being in infants/toddlers, what is developmentally appropriate behaviors, and how to help if something hasn't went quite right before. 

This series includes trainings for the following audiences: 


Mindfulness is the concept of being fully present in the current moment. Research has shown that mindfulness can help with emotional regulation, increased mood, increased productivity, and decreased mental health symptoms. Mindfulness is most effective when practiced every day and incorporated into your life. Anyone can benefit from mindfulness practice - including children, teens, and adults! Trainings in this series will explore the science of mindfulness and why it is effective, the basics of mindfulness practice, and provide several real-life exercises to incorporate mindfulness practice into your every day. 

This series includes trainings for the following audiences: 

Combatting Compassion Fatigue

Starting to feel like you don't care anymore? Finding excuses not to go to work? Thinking about work interferring with your personal life? You may be experiencing compassion fatigue. Those who work in helping professions, such as education, nursing, or mental health, take on a lot because they care about the people they work with. But what happens when it is all just too much? This training can be catered to your line of work and will look at what compassion fatigue is, symptoms of compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma, and concrete ways that you can combat it so you can get back to helping others. 

Rates for the trainings listed above vary depending on length of training, location/travel, and partnering agencies. Contact me today for a quote on any of the trainings listed above or other topics that you may be looking for additional information on.